The NEO 230 Grinding Machine & Vacuclean 2 is a perfect combination for clean yet effective grinding. Plus with 4 free SS 40 diamond segments offers fantastic savings.

NEO 230 Grinding Machine

Floor grinding machine for small and medium surfaces

• deal for surfaces from 30 to max. 50 m2 and for working close to edges

• integrated skirt for dust-free operation

• three adjustable motor positions for working closer to the edge

• floating skirt follows the contours of the floor

• height adjustable and folding handle

• diamond segments easy to replace

Technical specifications:

Supply voltage: 230 V/115 V, 50 Hz, motor output: 2.0 kW, speed: 1500 rpm, working width: 230 mm, weight: 45.2 kg, suction connection: 50 mm


Neo 230, disc holder for 4 diamond segments, hearing protection

Vacuclean 2

High-performance industrial vacuum cleaner for coarse dirt and dust with a large filter surface area and lever emptying function #83574

• large cartridge filter with 2 m² filter surface area (dust class M)

• semi-automatic and highly efficient filter cleaning system using powerful air blasts for a long service life

• the vacuum display allows you to continuously monitor whether the appliance is functionally perfectly and to detect possible clogging of the filter

• dirt can be removed quickly, safely and hygienically using the lever emptying function on the mobile collection container

• a HEPA filter is available as an optional accessory

• very strong PU-hose

Technical specifications:

(H x W x L) 590 x 480 x 1010 mm, weight 35 kg, hose length 5 m, voltage 115 V, power 2.3 kW, air volume 360 m3/h, max. pressure 25 kPa, filter dust class M, container capacity 20 l


Vacuclean 2, reducing piece 50/38mm, 5 meter hose 50 mm, suction tube, floor nozzle 430 mm 

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*Includes a 74895 NEO 230 Grinding Machine 115 V, 83574 Vacuclean 2 115 V & 4 x 48041 SS 40 Diamond Segments. The promotion runs from 17th September to 31st December 2017, while stocks last. Price excludes VAT.